About im2graph

  • I didn’t receive a download link

    This is probably due to the spam filter. Check your email spam folder– the download link may have ended up there.

  • What is the license to use im2graph?

    The current version of im2graph is free for personal use. The im2graph software is provided with absolutely no guarantee whatsover; nor fitness for any particular task; use it at your own risk!

  • Will im2graph always be free?

    I don’t know yet 🙂

  • Is im2graph free? Is im2graph open-source?

    im2graph is currently free; I’m not sure about future versions. It is not open source.

  • What libraries and tools did you use to create im2graph?

    I’ve used Python for the R&D phase, combined with matplotlib and NumPy. For the full application I’ve used OpenCV (2.4.x) and wxWidgets (2.8.x). My development environment is Code::Blocks on both Linux (Gentoo) and Windows and I’ve used gcc as the compiler.

  • What OS does im2graph run on? Will it become available on Android? How do I install it?

    im2graph is available on Windows and Linux. Future OS support will include MacOS.  I don’t have plans on porting im2graph to Android in the near future. See the download page for details.

  • Did you write im2graph in Python?

    Originally, yes. However, that was only for the R&D phase. Once I got the basics worked out, I’ve moved to C++. There were several reasons. The first is performance. The second was ease of use for the user, along with a full GUI, and cross-platform support.

  • What are your future plans?

    To improve im2graph of course! Multiple line support, full undo capabilities, and some very nifty goodies– it’s a secret.

  • Why did you write im2graph?

    I’m not sure… it seemed like a fun project at the time, plus I couldn’t find a proper digitizing software to do what I wanted.

  • Who’s behind im2graph?

    im2graph was created by me! Shai Vaingast and I of course hold the copyrights for the software. I’m also the author of Beginning Python Visualization, 2nd edition (see http://www.apress.com/9781484200537).

  • What is im2graph?

    im2graph is a digitizing software that converts graph-images to graph-data, that is to numbers. With behind the scenes fast and efficient image processing algorithms, im2graph effortlessly converts images to graphs with a click of a button. For more complex use cases,a highly tuned user-assisted GUI is available, enabling fast and effortless conversions from graph images to values. Using im2graph is intuitive, addictive and fun. You can even use im2graph to convert text images to X-Y locations.

Using im2graph